BIA Partnership
Waterloo Regional Crime Stoppers are committed to creating partnerships with respective BIAs of Waterloo Region.  WRCS will work with the BIA to reduce crime in the core areas through various crime prevention initiatives, create awareness of the Crime Stoppers program, and assist the BIA in promoting a safe and vibrant community.

How Does it Work?
  • Businesses participate in the sponsorship program
  • WRCS provides each business with a supporter sign
  • Businesses publicly display the signs
  • WRCS will include business names on our website

Crime Prevention and Reduction
  • Visible signs remind criminals their actions are watched by others, acting as a deterrent
  • Signs remind customers and visitors to call WRCS should they witness a crime or suspicious activity
  • Business owners are reminded to report crimes and suspicious activity
  • Signs remind all that their identity will be kept anonymous and that they may receive a cash reward

What it Looks Like
A Galt BIA business is proudly displaying their WRCS sign